On the road to a concept for Bus-Rapid-Transport in Europe

The eBRT2030 project aims to enhance Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) systems across Europe, introducing green, modernised solutions through innovative automation and connectivity. The project’s report ‘On the road to a concept for BRT’ assesses BRT systems worldwide, identifying areas for enhancement. With a focus on electric buses and integrated infrastructure, the project addresses challenges in European cities, offering a model for future BRT systems. Real-life demonstrations in seven European cities showcase innovative advancements, promising improved public transportation and sustainable mobility.


Building a blueprint for the next generation of BRT

The eBRT2030’s recently released ‘On the road to a concept for BRT’ report sets the ground for realising the project’s mission to green and modernise BRT systems with novel solutions and enhanced automation and connectivity. The report gathers lessons learnt from surveys, workshops and other activities to compile a big picture of the state-of-the-art of BRT systems around the world. This global perspective allows the project to adapt best practices for European cities. Further findings will guide the creation of a model eBRT system architecture, including electric buses, new operations, and integrated infrastructure.

Many European cities, especially those with historic centres, lack space for dedicated BRT lanes. This makes building and integrating BRT systems a challenge. eBRT2030 will use its findings to create a model eBRT system, using electric buses, innovative operations and infrastructure, and integrating these systems with existing transportation options. They will also develop plans for other cities to follow and create a blueprint for future eBRT systems at a larger scale.

eBRT2030 Demonstrations: bringing innovation to life 

The project is putting its findings to the test in real-life demonstrations in 7 European cities. To help people understand the unique innovations happening at each site, the project partners are creating dedicated factsheets. These will share knowledge and raise awareness of the improved services citizens can expect. The first city to unveil its factsheet is Rimini, Italy. Here, the “MetroMare” line will become the backbone of a sustainable mobility system along the Emilia-Romagna coastline. The project will enhance “MetroMare” with an efficient predictive maintenance program using an Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) and data from onboard and offboard sensors.

Check out Rimini’s factsheet and stay tuned for factsheets from the other cities to see how the project is transforming public transport across Europe. 

eBRT2030 seeks to redefine public transport in Europe. By implementing the project’s recommendations, European cities can experience significant improvements, including faster and more efficient bus travel, reduced traffic congestion, cleaner air, and improved accessibility for all citizens.

ERTICO is putting its expertise in managing innovation throughout the project’s lifecycle. Our methods to monitor innovation ensure that the eBRT2030 project stays on the cutting edge, fostering the development of new technologies and services that will benefit European cities and citizens for years to come.

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