European OEM deploy C-ITS

ITS Directive revision proposal safeguards road safety and Europe’s lead in C-ITS

The CAR 2 CAR Communication Consortium (C2C-CC) welcomes the European Commission’s proposal to amend the ITS Directive (2010/40/EU). European OEMs and road operators deploy cooperative intelligent transport systems (C-ITS) to improve road safety. The European Commission’s proposal gives legal certainty to OEMs and road operators to continue C-ITS roll- out. It provides a basis to consolidate the progress made and allows European industry to further enhance its leadership in the field of C-ITS.

We explicitly welcome the emphasis on interoperability, backward compatibility, and the provisions of trust and security in the proposal.

  • Interoperability assures that C-ITS information exchanged can be understood by all users. It is key to integrate different vehicle brands and road operators into a single trusted communication environment facilitating road safety applications for the benefit of all road users.
  • Backward compatibility protects C-ITS from fragmentation and ensures that newer generations of C-ITS devices can still communicate with older ones and help assure road safety throughout the entire life cycle of the equipment used.

  • Common trust system: C-ITS messages serve road safety and save lives. They must be trustworthy at all times, no matter the vehicle brand, chipmaker, vehicle or chip generation, they need to be part of the same trust authentication system.

About the Car2Car Communication Consortium

In C2C-CC, leading European and international vehicle manufacturers, equipment suppliers, engineering companies, road operators and research institutions join forces for saving lives by researching and developing C-ITS solutions facilitating to overcome road accidents and contributing to the ‘Vision Zero’. Together with road operators organised in C-ROADS and road concessionaires in ASECAP we work on common specifications to ensure an interoperable and backwards compatible C-ITS environment to improve road safety.

Background: C-ITS in Europe

Europe is leading on C-ITS deployment using direct vehicle-to-vehicle communication realised through the ITS-G5 technology. Since December 2019, ITS-G5 is serialised as standard equipment in vehicles and currently more than 500.000 vehicles are in circulation. Furthermore, 20.000 km of roads are currently ITS-G5 equipped. Both numbers are increasing rapidly.

Europe’s approach integrates the speed, reliability and compatibility with road tolling and the smart tachograph of ITS-G5 short-range communication with standard cellular long-range communication systems that are far spread in vehicles.

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