ITS Forum 2018

Início: Quarta-feira, 14. novembro 2018
Fim: Quinta-feira, 15. novembro 2018
Local : Utrecth, Holanda

its forum 2018


Traffic Management in a changing world
Digitalization, Multimodality, Smart Infrastructures

Come and join in the discussion!
14-15 November 2018 at LEF Future Center, Utrecht, the Netherlands

Traditional traffic management in transition

New technologies such as connected, cooperative and automated driving and floating car data will drastically change the world of traffic management. Traditional ITS will increasingly be complemented by C-ITS and other new technologies, allowing new travel services to emerge. And with larger cities and more complex, busier networks, road authorities need to collaborate with industry and knowledge partners. In other words, traditional traffic management and roles are changing. 

Facing challenges together

Interested in sharing experiences, exchanging knowledge and best practices among European colleagues? Want to be well prepared for the changes heading towards us? Eager to contribute in shaping the future of road traffic management? Then come and join the ITS Forum 2018 in Utrecht on 14 and 15 November. In Utrecht high level policy-makers and leading industry experts will share their ideas on strategy, policy making, trends and developments and ways on how to apply new technology in the world of traffic management.

Programme Highlights

The ITS Forum addresses subjects like digitalisation of transport, multimodal transport, public-private cooperation, cross-border testing, connected and automated driving as well as the ITS roadmap for tomorrow’s transport system. The Forum will also look at proven and emerging technologies which will have an impact on traffic management. 

Above mentioned themes will be discussed in the following sessions and workshops:

- Trends and developments in automation in traffic management and traffic centres

- Evaluation, impacts and results of ITS

- What will happen on the road network with automated vehicles

- C-ITS deployment support for traffic managers

- Best practices in Traffic Management, Traffic Information Services and Freight & Logistics

- New technology to change traditional traffic management and creating services 

- The potential of data to improve traffic management

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